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Get Loan Against Shares in just 4 Hrs Only 

Instant Loan Against Shares

Do you need of funds on your investment? No need to redeem your Shares and Mutual funds, Avail Loan Against Shares & Mutual Funds online and get an overdraft limit within 4 hrs of the same day. Continue to retain your investments in shares and manage your short-term expenses at the same time.

LAS - Interest

Lowest Interest Rate (Start With 8% p.a)

LAS - Time Duration

Loan Payment Credit in Just 4 Hrs

LAS - Digital PRocess

Digital Process took only 5-10 minutes

  1. Low Interest Rate ( Start With 8% Flat)
  2. Loan Amount Credit in Just 4 Hrs
  3. Digital Process took only 5-10 Min

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What is Loan Against Shares?

Loan Against Shares is a secured credit facility that allows investors to get instant loan against your shares, Mutual Funds & Bonds as collateral. In this process your ownership of the shares, Mutual Funds & bonds remains investors. 

In Simple words A loan against shares is a financial service product that allows you to borrow money against the securities of your stock market investments, such as equity shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. It is a completely online and secure process to access funds in quick times of financial requirement.

How to Apply for Loan?

Step - 01

Fill the lead form at Divadhvik to Open Loan Account

Step - 02

Upload your KYC documents to start the lending process.

Step - 03

Mark lien on the mutual funds or shares starting at Rs 15,000

Step - 04

Relax now - your loan will be disbursed into your a/c within 4 hrs

Eligibility & Documentation

This is an end to end digital and online process. Hence, there is no requirement to be submitted of physical document and forms. You can apply for limit, withdraw funds & repay utilized amount online directly

Loan details & Charges

Our aim is to cater to your financial needs with utmost transparency with no hidden charges.
Loan against shares

FAQ's - Loan Against Shares

What is Loan against shares or mutual funds?

LAS or loan against shares & mutual fund is easiest and simple way to get funds instantly for your any financial need. You just have to pledge your shares or mutual funds units as collateral to avail this instant loan facility. Instant loans against shares & mutual funds are easily accessible both online and offline. The approval process is straight-forward & fast. Moreover, it comes with great benefits, such as lower interest rates, flexible repayment options.

How much fund I can get against shares & mutual funds?

The loan amount could range from 50-75% of the value of the shares & mutual funds you pledge as security, varying from lender to lender. It is essential to assess the market worth of your shares & mutual funds and evaluate the requirements set by the lender before applying for a loan against mutual funds.


Divadhvik & landing partner Abhi Loans provides you with a wide range of options when it comes to loan amounts on your mutual funds. Starting from ₹15,000, you can get up to ₹1 Crore, with flexible repayment terms. We offer a 65% Loan-to-Value ratio on equity mutual funds and 75% LTV on debt mutual funds.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for a Loan Against shares & mutual funds?

This facility is currently available for customers maintaining approved* mutual funds or shares registered or depositary with CAMS, Kfintech & NSDL. ( * Approved as per MAFS policy)


  1. Be resident Indian. Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are currently not eligible for this loan.
  2. Be between 18 to 75 years of age
  3. Have a valid PAN & Aadhaar Card
  4. Have a valid email id and mobile number
  5. Have a valid bank account with net banking facility