Food License (FSSAI)

What is FSSAI?


FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. FSSAI license is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation.


Who Needs FSSAI License?


For all food-related businesses such as manufacturing, trading, restaurants, small eateries, grocery shop, importers, exporters, home-based food businesses, dairy farms, processors, it is mandatory to get an FSSAI Registration or FSSAI Certificate before commencing with the Company. This 14 digit FSSAI Certificate number gives information about the producer’s permit.


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Documents required for FSSAI Certificate


FSSAI registration is mostly applicable for petty food retailers, and the procedure for obtaining FSSAI registration is straightforward. The documents required for FSSAI registration are:

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Step by Step Process for FSSAI Registration




Eligibility Search For Registration

The FBO has to ascertain whether it has to make application for FSSAI Licence or Registration. If it is a case where a licence is required, then you need to determine whether you need state license or central FSSAI License

Filling Of Application For FSSAI Registration

Application to FSSAI Registration is made online in the prescribed format along with supporting documents. The applicant may apply for registration or licence having a validity period from one year to five years.

Generation Of Application Id Number By FDA

Once the application is submitted, the FSSAI Portal shall generate an application ID Number. It has to be used as a reference and in all further correspondence the application ID is used until the FSSAI Registration or licence is granted.

Scrutiny Of FSSAI Application

The authorities will make scrutiny of the application and may require the applicant to furnish any additional information within 30 days of intimation. The food license may be issued immediately without any prior inspection, or the FSSAI may order for field inspection, on the case to case basis.

Inspection Of FBO Premises

The food inspectors shall carry on inspection at the premises of the FBO and on the basis of which the concerned licensing authority shall consider the application and may either grant a license or reject the application after giving an opportunity of being heard. The licensing authority has to take decision within 30 days.

FSSAI Registration Certificate

After approval of the application for grant of Food Registration the FSSAI issues a certificate of registration and a Photo Photo ID card of the Food Business Operator (FBO). The certificate, as well as Photo ID Card, need to be displayed in a prominent place at all times within business premises.


Procedure for Online FSSAI Registration


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Validity Period of FSSAI Certificate


FSSAI license validity stretches out from 1 to 5 years. According to the FSSAI rules, the food business operator is required to appeal for the renewal of the license in 30 days and it should be made before it’s expiry. Any FSSAI renewal application filed exceeding the expiry date is required to pay a late fee of Rs.100 per day for each day of delay. So, it’s essential for all food business operators to track and assure that their FSSAI license is valid at every time.


Penalties and Punishments



Punishment for carrying out a business without an FSSAI Certificate


If a person or food business operator (except the person exempted from licensing) himself or by any person on his behalf who is supposed to obtain a license manufactures, sells, stores or distributes, or imports any article for food without a license, then it is a punishable offense with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months and also a fine for around five lakhs.


Penalty for false advertisement


  1. Any person who publishes or is a party to the publication of an advertisement, which–
    1. (a) Falsely describes any food; or
    1. (b) Is likely to mislead as to the nature or substance or quality of any food or gives a false guarantee, shall be liable to a penalty which may extend to ten lakh rupees.
  2. In any proceeding, the fact that a label or advertisement relating to any food article regarding which the infringement is alleged to have been committed contained an accurate statement of the food composition shall not preclude the court from finding that the violation was committed.


How Much I Need to Pay for A FSSAI Registration?


The Cost of FSSAI Registration / License a would vary from INR 1999/- to INR 10499/- (GST Excluded) depending upon the plan you choose.




Rs 1999/-

* Inclusive of all govt fee

FSSAI registration application preparation and filing for small food businesses, petty retailers, juice shops and hawkers by FSSAI consultant. Includes government fee.


Rs 5299/-

* Inclusive of all govt fee

FSSAI State License for restaurants, hotels, food transporters, manufactures, distributors and retailers. FSSAI State License Certificate Dedicated FSSAI Consultant Includes Government Fee.


Rs 10499/-

* Inclusive all govt fee

FSSAI Central License application filing for 5 star hotels, large food transporters, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Includes Government fee.